People with White Clothing (2021)  - 3:2 
During the Korean War, about 635,000 tons of bombs were dropped on North and South Korea, including 32,557 tons of napalm. The casualties were estimated at 3-4.5 million, and 10-15% of the total population, a higher mortality rate than World Wars I and II or Vietnam. More than half of the dead are civilians, and mentioning civilian casualties in the Korean War has been taboo in South Korean society under the post-war division situation, and most have been forgotten after more than 70 years.
This project, based on the data collected at home and abroad for many years, collaborates with artists and researchers to remember the war from the perspective of Korean civilians who are discovered as 'people in white', to heal the trauma of our society by washing one It was designed to create a place for participatory and experimental communication in advancing to the future.

Cody Chandler
Photographed  / Edited
Lee Mi-young
Artist / Director

Angela Henderson
Installation Artist

Tammy McCleod
Performance Guide

Jian Sim

Kim Juyevin 
Kim Juyedarm
Kim Juyechan 
Ahn Jaewon 
Ahn Jaeyeon 
Kim Rosie 
Kim Jina 
Kim Daeyeon
Kim okjo 
Myoung hojun ​​​​​​​
Performers (Video Still)
Performers (Video Still)

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